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We, the staff of May Street Surgi Center, understand what it means to be a patient — the concerns, stresses, even fears involving the experience of undergoing a procedure. We have all been patients ourselves or have had loved ones who have been patients. Therefore, we understand the importance of being treated as a whole person. We keep that awareness foremost in our minds — always.

Fortunately, that attitude has worked to the benefit of us all. Since our opening in 2002, we have treated thousands of patients. The success of our caring approach — from the initial encounter at the front desk, to the friendly, professional attitude of our nurses, assistants and physicians, to the recovery and discharge process — has been evident in the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received from our patients. We take these opinions to heart and are always seeking ways to improve our patients’ experiences.

May Street Surgi Center is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and is certified by every appropriate regulatory agency. We consistently meet and exceed all regulatory standards. In fact, we have hosted outside visitors who seek to learn from us and copy our format.

It is personally gratifying to have many of our new patients request to have their procedures performed at May Street Surgi Center because of what their friends and loved ones have told them. We pledge to continue this approach, always seeking to improve by keeping the needs of our patient, a whole person, first and foremost.